Population Economics

Population Economics
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JavaScript is needed to use this website in its full extent. Please activate JavaScript in your browser. The figure illustrates the data from National Transfer Accounts for Austria age-specific labour income light green area and income through assets dark green ; the transfers of resources between age groups through private transfers light blue and public transfers dark blue ; the grey line represents consumption.

We are investigating the economic determinants and consequences of changes in population structure and dynamics. Our group carries out research into these complex processes using advanced methods drawn from several disciplines.

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Population Economics

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Seria: Ekonomia , Vol. Published in: 24 June : pp. Published in:. Kundu, Nobinkhor : Millennium development goals and structural stability of child mortality in Bangladesh.

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Kundu, Nobinkhor and Chowdhury, J. Published in: belgian actuarial journal , Vol.

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Forthcoming in: Economic Studies Journal No. Special Issue : pp.

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Peeters, Marga : Asymmetric demographic pressure in South-Mediterranean versus North-Mediterranean economies and its impact on international gross capital flows.

Peeters, Marga : Demographic pressure, excess labour supply and public-private sector employment in Egypt - Modelling labour supply to analyse the response of unemployment, public finances and welfare. Polman, Fabian M.

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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Go to institution. But if there is very little migration, then the populous but poor countries will out-innovate the small but rich ones, and make their way up the income league table. Life-cycle models with endogenous health and education a According to which incentives do people invest in their human capital over their life-cycle, and is the outcome efficient? Published in: Economic Affairs , Vol. Reuse this content About The Economist.

Published in: Society , Vol. Roman, Monica : Romanian higher education: present and perspectives. Published in: Synery , Vol. Un confronto Europa - Us. Uno sguardo alle proiezioni a medio-lungo termine. Ricostruzione con la metodologia Ecofin-Ocse, - oggi.

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Santos, Susana : Socio-economic studies with social accounting and socio-demographic Matrices. An attempted application to Mozambique. An application to Portugal. Santos, Susana : The informal aspects of the activity of countries studied through Social Accounting and Socio-Demographic Matrices. Shin, Inyong : The effect of compressed demographic transition and demographic gift on economic growth.

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