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Mad Jack Churchill: World War II’s Bagpipe Playing And Sword Wielding Badass
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Playing his pipes, Churchill led No 40 Commando in a night attack which reached the top of the objective where he was wounded and captured. The German was one Captain Hans Thornerr and later that note saved Thornerr's life when the Yugoslavs wanted to have him shot as a war criminal. The Germans thought, wrongly, that Churchill must be a relation of the Prime Minister.

Lieutenant-Colonel Jack Churchill - Telegraph

Eventually he was imprisoned in Sachsenhausen Camp, near Berlin, where he was chained to the floor for the first month and found himself in company with such VIPs as Kurt von Schusnigg, the former Chancellor of Austria, von Thyssen, and Schacht, the former German Economics Minister. When the floodlights failed one night he escaped and, living on stolen vegetables, walked across the Alps near the Brenner Pass. He then made contact with an American reconnaissance column in the Po Valley.


Churchill was appointed second-in-command of No 3 Commando Brigade, which was in India preparing for the invasion of Japan, but the war ended - much to his regret, as he wanted to be killed in battle and buried in the Union flag. He took a parachute course, making his first jump on his 40th birthday, and commanded 5th Scottish Parachute Battalion, thus becoming the only officer to command both a Commando and a Parachute battalion.

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Churchill had always wanted to serve with a Scottish regiment, and so transferred to the Seaforth Highlanders, becoming a company commander. In he was appointed second-in-command of the Highland Light Infantry, then serving in Jerusalem. Terrorism was widespread and on April 13 , Arabs ambushed a Jewish convoy of doctors en route for the Hadassah Hospital, near Jerusalem. Churchill, having ordered reinforcements for his small force, walked alone towards the ambush, smiling and carrying a blackthorn stick.

Lieutenant-Colonel Jack Churchill

So it proved. He then managed to evacuate some of the Jews but they thought that Haganah the Jewish army would save them and did not require his services. Later Churchill assisted in the evacuation of patients and staff from the hospital. During this period he rode a surf board a mile and a half up river on the Severn bore. After retirement, Churchill devoted himself to his hobby of buying and refurbishing steamboats on the Thames; he acquired 11, which made journeys from Richmond to Oxford.

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John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming Churchill, DSO & Bar, MC & Bar (16 September – 8 March ), was a British Army officer who fought throughout the Second World War armed with a longbow, bagpipes, and a basket-hilted Scottish broadsword. Nicknamed "Fighting Jack Churchill" and "Mad Jack", he was known for the. From motorcycle adventurer to Nazi hunter to surfer, Mad Jack Churchill lived quite the life. Lieutenant Colonel John “Mad Jack” Churchill had a motto: “Any officer who goes into action without his sword is improperly dressed.”. He was a British Army officer who fought during World.

He was also a keen maker of radio-controlled model boats, which he sold at a profit. He also took part in motor-cycling speed trials. When not engaged in military operations Jack Churchill was a quiet, unassuming man, though not above astonishing strangers for the fun of it. In his last job he would sometimes stand up on a train journey from London to his home, open the window and hurl out his briefcase, then calmly resume his seat. Fellow passengers looked on aghast, unaware that he had flung the briefcase into his own back garden.

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It would be the beginning of one of the largest naval evacuation in human history and would involve quite a few heroic tales. It is true that there were brave souls who fought valiantly, many of them giving their lives for King and Country. The British were backed up against the North Sea and forced to fight another day.

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  • ‘Mad’ Jack Churchill – The Only Man to Dispatch a German Soldier With a Longbow in WW2.

Churchill might have been small of stature with distinctive angular features, but he lived up to his reputation and sobriquet. Five Germans were less than 30 yards 27 meters away. Calmly, Churchill took his longbow, aimed, and shot an enemy sergeant right in the heart.

Churchill was a man of many talents. When he left the army in , he worked as a newspaper editor in Nairobi, Kenya. According to some sources, he also dabbled in a little male modeling — quite something for one of the heroes of the British Empire.

"Mad Jack" Churchill and his heroic exploits

Churchill even appeared in a small role in the film The Thief of Bagdad as well as one in Ivanhoe, aptly showing off his archery skills. One and a half years after that incident, Churchill led his unit playing the bagpipes all along the coast of German-occupied Norway. Churchill shot arrows with deadly effectiveness at the enemy both to inspire his men and frighten the Nazis — his contemporary British soldiers saw all of this and the Germans felt his wrath.

However, you can discover some pretty amazing stories in popular science books such as the Wonders of Dunkirk by the well-known non-fiction writer Walter Lord.

But no matter how embellished and exaggerated the stories of this man might seem, he was a hero, and there is plenty of proof of this. Churchill regularly brought his trusty basket-hilted Claybeg sword, a set of bagpipes and a longbow into battle. The Lt.

From motorcycle adventurer to Nazi hunter to surfer, Mad Jack Churchill lived quite the life.

Churchill used his bagpipes to raise the morale of his troops and lower that of the enemy. After recovering from an injury he sustained in the operation, he further raised his profile by leading troops through Sicily and then the landings in Salerno. It was here that, with the help of a corporal, he captured 42 German troops and a mortar crew with just the use of his Claybeg.

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