Elements of Language: First Course

Elements of Language
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The new series is typical of many other traditional language arts texts, divided into three sections: 1.

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The texts do add composition activities at the end of each grammar chapter to incorporate at least one concept from grammar they have just studied. While I really liked the Elements of Writing series, the Elements of Language series is just okay, but nothing special. More than half of each text is dedicated to grammar, but you need not complete all these chapters.

Elements of Language: First Course

Since these texts are targeted at grades 6 through 12, I would expect that students at these levels—especially the last few years of high school—should already have a good grasp of grammar. While you can use the chapters in order, the Teacher's Editions include options for working primarily from the composition chapters, incorporating grammar and mechanics lessons as needed. It makes sense to me to use this approach and spend more time on composition and communication skills. The texts are hefty— pages in the 6th grade Introductory Course and pages in the 12th grade Sixth Course.

So if you decide your student needs minimal work on grammar, there is still more than enough material for a complete course. These texts cover the broad range of language arts including, for example, research and writing research papers, public speaking, analyzing and writing about literature, and creative writing. Cross-curricular activities are suggested such as creating an editorial cartoon and researching and writing about a science topic from the sixth grade Introductory Course.

One feature I really like in these texts is the frequent inclusion of writing models by both published authors and students.

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Recipient's Email. In fact, John Warriner remains on the author list for these books even though he died in If you've been around the homeschool community for a few years, you've probably heard or read some reference to Warriner's program. It's the elusive gold standard that other programs are measured by.

Elusive because books by that name have been out of print for years and are only available on the used market. Part One Warriner's Handbook of each Holt course contains sixteen or so chapters that thoroughly cover grammar parts of speech, parts of a sentence, phrases and clauses , usage agreement issues, pronouns, verbs, modifiers, and common problems , and mechanics capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

Elements of Language: First Course - PDF Free Download

Part Two covers writing with a focus on sentences and paragraphs. Part Three - Communications - brings it all together with reading and writing workshops that produce all types of writing: narrative, expository, persuasive, problem and literary analysis, and research.

The hardcover texts are full-color with pleasing layout features and interesting sidebars. Also, the last , or so, pages are a Quick Reference Handbook.

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Saxon plans to have homeschool lesson plans available for these courses as well. It includes editable worksheets, customizable lesson plans for the composition segments, usually the last chapters , an assessment package that allows you to form, edit, and print tests, resources for PowerPoint presentations, a calendar planner, and a puzzle-maker that generates word searches and crosswords to provide reinforcement for vocabulary studies.

I can almost hear you saying "But I don't need all those things. It could be as simple as using the pdf version of the full-text answer key for correcting your student's papers.

Holt Elements of Language: First Course, Teacher's Edition

NOTE: The tests can only be printed out if you visit the website go. Other teacher resources may not be available to homeschool teachers due to publisher restrictions.

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