Cardinalities of Fuzzy Sets

Vaguely Defined Objects. Representations, Fuzzy Sets and Nonclassical Cardinality Theory
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Cardinality of complement of a set

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Type2 fuzzy set , Instutionistic fuzzy set & Extension principle - Lecture 06 By Prof S Chakraverty

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Counting is one of the basic elementary mathematical activities. It comes with two complementary aspects: to determine the number of elements of a set - and to. are based on the existing definition of cardinality of fuzzy sets In fuzzy set theory, we can see the use of the term cardinality which is.

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Cardinalities of Fuzzy Sets

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Luigi Troiano. Department of Engineering, University of Sannio, Italy.

A discussion on fuzzy cardinality and quantification. Some applications in image processing

E-mail: troiano unisannio. Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Abstract In this article, we analyze how classical techniques of data privacy, as k -anonymity, can be developed within a framework of fuzzy information.